Innovative data analysis – new project in the field of data science

Due to the low costs and the individually customizable solutions, there are many different areas of application for open source software in companies. However, how can their license terms be complied with, if a company wants to use this type of software as a basis for its own products? This is precisely the problem that digitalwerk is addressing as part of its new commission from Audi Electronics Venture GmbH.

The aim of the project is, to generate valuable information (for example, software used in the vehicle, software licences, usage characteristics, etc.) from large amounts of data, whereby recommendations for action can be derived for the customer. Our innovative analysis tools filter the necessary information and process it to form statistically verified hypotheses. The hypotheses serve Audi as a basis for decision-making in vehicle development as well as in the legal department and enable our customer to work more efficiently. The special feature of our software analysis tool is the automated evaluation. It provides developers with very quick feedback on, among other things, pending license violations. Users have the possibility to assess the evaluations in detail so that the system can incorporate these assessments into future reports. The system’s existing knowledge increasingly reduces the input effort when the tool is reused.

digitalwerk would like to thank Audi Electronics Venture GmbH for their confidence in this project.


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