Keeping things in perspective! – An overview of our projects

The last few months have been very eventful and at the same time highly successful. In the future, digitalwerk will be involved in many new exciting projects. So that you don’t lose track of what our employees are currently working on, we are giving you a brief overview of our current projects.

Audi Open Source Diagnostics
In our latest project, a team of three is developing a system for the administration and legal verification of open source licences for our customer Audi Electronics Venture GmbH (AEV). The aim of AEV’s Audi Open Source Diagnostics 2.0 serves to identify and resolve licence requirements and conflicts from an immense amount of data. AEV particularly appreciates Digitalwerk’s special competences in the field of conceptual design and modelling of databases in order to translate AEV’s technical and legal concepts into technology.

Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework
Another of our lighthouse projects is the distribution and especially the development of the software framework ADTF (Automotive Time and Data Triggered Framework) of Audi Electronics Venture GmbH (AEV). With the help of this development platform, developers can display sensor data from multiple data streams in a time-synchronized manner. Functions can be easily developed in ADTF thanks to the possibility of translating many programming languages. Examples of driver assistance systems that have emerged from ADTF include traffic jam pilots, predictive pedestrian detection and parking space detection.

Measure Configuration Camera Systems
In the development of a high-performance measurement configuration for a German premium OEM from southern Germany, we draw on our experience in the development of ADTF. The new measurement system is based on the software framework. The measurement configuration ensures accurate visualization of programmed algorithms, making them easy to verify and validate.

Proof of Concept Mini-HiL
For Daimler AG we are creating a proof of concept for the use of a new version of ADTF on HiL test benches. The aim of the project is to define detailed requirements for the new tool environment. For this purpose, digitalwerk first checks the existing measurement configuration with regard to the interfaces for data formats, data transport and the control of the system. After checking the possible integration of third-party components for compatibility, a catalogue of measures is drawn up for successful implementation.

Variant management
The successively increasing customer orientation of the automotive world leads to an increased variety of variants (especially software variants) within the scope of vehicle equipment. As a result, the complexity of handling this diversity in software development is increasing. For this reason, we are developing analysis software for AUDI AG that structures unclear dependencies in vehicle equipment variants.


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