Visualized camera and sensor data made easy – digitalwerk develops new measurement system for Audi

The verification and validation of algorithms is an elementary component for car manufacturers to improve existing driver assistance systems as well as to develop new functionality. Requirement for this is an accurate visualization of the programmed algorithms.

In order to, display algorithms graphically, a high-performance measurement configuration is required. For the car manufacturer Audi, digitalwerk is developing a high-quality measurement system with a modern user interface and a user-friendly operating concept. The software framework ADTF 3 (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework) serves as the basis for the newly developed measurement configuration. The measurement configuration processes numerous camera and sensor data from the data streams provided by the control unit and the cameras. The data is processed and can be visualized in a tabular, oscillating, 2- or 3-dimensional form as required. The digitalwerk thus creates a user-friendly software for the verification and validation of algorithms. We would like to express our sincere thanks to AUDI AG for the trust placed in us during the project.


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