Digitalwerk Avt Expo 2023

digitalwerk presents ADTF at the AVT Expo

Experience the multitool for ADAS/AD development at the trade fair in Stuttgart from 13. to 15.06.2023

digitalwerk demonstrates the robustness and flexibility of ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework) in ADAS/AD development at the AVT Expo in Stuttgart. Developments such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) automatic distance control, gesture controls, adaptive cornering lights and predictive pedestrian protection emerge from the software framework.

About ADTF

ADTF is a state-of-the-art generic software framework and toolset for the development, validation, visualization and testing of driver assistance systems up to autonomous driving. It enables the time-synchronous processing of multiple sensor data streams in real time. The driver assistance and safety functions programmed in the development platform can be easily visualized and tested virtually at the desk thanks to the integrated test environment.

High performance, backward compatible and independent

Key advantages of ADTF are its platform independence and backward compatibility: This makes it possible to run configurations on Windows, Linux and ARM environments. Once developed, components can also be used in more advanced simulation environments and test setups without the need for redevelopment. The high performance with which ADTF is able to decode AUTOSAR described bus data streams and thus provide CAN, CAN/FD and Flexray data in standardized DDL data streams for further processing is unmatched and an absolutely unique selling point!

digitalwerk enables true Plug & Play

digitalwerk provides a large number of plug-ins and filters for specific requirements in the DW Cloud Store ready-to-use. These components can be integrated into ADTF configurations via Plug & Play. Our flexible DW LicenseHub takes care of activating the components. Through the direct connection with the ADTF toolset, the extensions are provided conveniently and on-demand and can also be integrated into other software products through the generic interfaces.

Focus on the needs of hardware manufacturers

Experience how ADTF can support specific hardware functions to open up new market potential and meet increased customer requirements. digitalwerk provides many solutions ready-to-use in the DW Cloud, which can be integrated into ADTF development, simulation, test and validation configurations via plug & play.

Visit digitalwerk at the AVTExpo trade show in Stuttgart, booth #6028, hall 6 and go into detail with us about your requirements!
You would like to make an appointment? Then feel free to send us an email to

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